The Proposed marketing plan for Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite.

Pastoral, Mary Cheene R. and Alindugan, Alexander M. and Carbonell, Jennifer G. and Castillo, Samuel R. and Floro, Neslea Camille S. and Geda, Danmert L. and Parabot, Fricia V. and Puyo, Anna Jemimah P. and Segador, Helen Joy C. (2012) The Proposed marketing plan for Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite. Undergraduate thesis, De La Salle University-Dasmarinas.

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Thesis Abstract The Proposed Marketing Plan for Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite Proponents: Pastoral, Mary Cheene R. Alindugan, Alexander M. Carbonell, Jennifer G. Castillo, Samuel R. Puyo, Anna Jemimah P Floro, Neslea Camille S. Geda, Danmert L. Segador, Helen Joy C. Parabot, Fricia V. Degree: Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Adviser: Irene S. Gueco, MBA-TM _______________________________________________________________________ Purpose of the Study The research study assessed the marketing mix fundamentals affecting the demand of Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite. One way of getting information was using a destination based survey with Balite Falls as a base area. The goal of this research was to come up with a proposed marketing plan than can be developed to strengthen the De La Salle University - Dasmariñas 6 implementation of marketing strategies in Balite Falls. The research study also made recommendations to the local government based on definitive study findings. Moreover, the proposed marketing plan intends to leave an impression on how to market Balite Falls, which lead the stirring body (local government) to avoid the weaknesses and use their strengths to attract more investors and tourists. Methodology This research study is both Quantitative and Qualitative. As a quantitative research, descriptive method was used to gather relevant information about the present condition and other factors that affects the potential of Balite Falls as a tourist attraction. Particularly it focused on the marketing mix fundamentals of Balite Falls. Survey questionnaire has been distributed amongst 50 locals and 50 tourists. This has been done to define the perceived problem of the research study which was stated on the statement of problem. Researchers believe that in this method, all answer gathered were reliable because it came from the target respondents. In this case, researchers analyzed their interest and opinion about the said destination. Hence, qualitatively, the case study was assessed through environmental matrix. Case study aims to retain the holistic and meaningful characteristics of Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite. It desires to understand complex social phenomena with the belief that the research approach needs to explore the external factors to the environment of Balite Falls. The matrix illustrates the relationship of opportunities and threats affecting the operation of Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite. Likely, interview questions were formulated to enhance the analysis of the future needs of the Balite Falls. Information was been gathered from the Tourism Office of Amadeo. Researchers believe that they are the De La Salle University - Dasmariñas 7 utmost person for the study. Furthermore, deductive method was used to conduct and evaluate the conclusion. Marketing mix fundamentals and external factors affecting Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite were analyzed to identify and set recommendation and guidelines on the marketing plan of research study. Moreover, proposed marketing plan was the final output. Summary of Findings The following findings were derived from the assessment of marketing mix fundamentals of Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite. 1. Marketing Mix Fundamentals 1.1 Product. Amongst the different categories of Product, the highest rating recorded is 4.56 for which states that Balite Falls has an appealing aesthetic value, since the attraction has indeed a stunning natural environment. The lowest rating recorded is 3.92 which states that the basic public facilities for tourist and locals are clean (public shower and toilets). This was the result because the public facilities has a limited development and need for improvement. The importance of basic public facilities in marketing Balite Falls was noted and must be improved. 1.2 Place As the results of the survey questionnaire shows, it is strongly agreeable that Balite Falls' ambiance is perfect for relaxation with a mean of 4.64. This is one of the De La Salle University - Dasmariñas 8 edge of the attraction since it is situated along the country side. The lowest rating recorded is 4.0 which states that Measures that control and monitor tour operators, tourism facilities, and tourists in the area are being observed. This is the result since the location is not yet promoted to the market. 1.3 Price As the results of the survey questionnaire shows, it is agreeable that income level does not affect the ability to participate in ecotourism of Balite Falls with a mean of 4.28. This result lead because of the minimal fee offer by the attraction which is affordable to the market. The lowest rating recorded is 3.74 which states that collection of entrance fee is favourable for the sustainability of Balite Falls. 1.4 Promotion As the results of the survey questionnaire shows, it is agreeable that Promotional efforts of the government is aggressive with a mean of 4.24.Since the government is the one who manage the attraction it is a must that they help in the promotion of the site. The lowest rating recorded is 3.40 which states that Promotional materials of Balite Falls were eye-catching. This result may suggest that advertisement of Balite Falls is not the priority of the local government. 2. External Environment Matrix 2.1 Political The following are the political external factors: The on-going tourism plan of the municipality which is aimed to attract a lot more tourists, government will be more De La Salle University - Dasmariñas 9 aggressive in promoting Balite Falls by provision of signs along the road, there is no designated budget that will support the improvement of the Balite falls, the Falls is being claimed by two Barangays (Halang and Banay-banay), corruption and illegal collection of entrance fee for some dishonest officials, and land ownership is an issue in developing Balite Falls, where Lumandas Family is claiming almost 7,881 square meters were being stashed off their land including those of legal easement. 2.2 Economic The following are the economic external factors: Balite Falls can gain income that can be used in the betterment of the municipality, tourism related employment opportunities amongst locals, boost of tourism related livelihood and growth of local business i.e. souvenirs and native products and delicacies, Balite Falls can be tagged with Amadeo Coffee which can give advantage in both products, Before, the entrance to Balite Falls is free-of-charge to anyone but out of its tourism potential, entrance fee was now being collected – and it keeps on increasing as time goes by and provision of basic facilities that tourists and locals can share. 2.3 Socio-cultural The following are the socio-cultural external factors: Interactions of tourists and locals provides an enjoyable and meaningful connection on both parties, share of cultures where local delicacies can be introduced and extended to different people and be known throughout the country, intimidation that may lead to loss of rural character of the locals out of tourism, lack of community coordination among the land owners, tourism resource like Balite Falls heighten the pride amongst locals, tourism promotes positive experiences De La Salle University - Dasmariñas 10 for both visitors and hosts and the site gives an opportunity to showcase hospitality amongst locals 2.4 Technological The following are the technological external factors: Technological advancements may threaten the environment with easier excavation of the land and cutting trees, internet marketing can be used as an effective tool in promoting Balite Falls in a wider market, provision of public facilities that gives convenience to tourists, possibility of installation of telephone and internet connection to cater the needs of tourists, increase the modes of transportation to reach the attraction easily, infrastructures would be developed to cater the needs of tourists i.e those who would like to stay and enjoy Balite falls in the night, and in line with tourism development, electricity will soon be introduced to the Barangay . 2.5 Competitive Forces The following are the competitive external factors: Other attractions in Cavite can lead to Balite Falls, hotels and restaurants can now be available around the area of the falls, lack of coordinated regional vision, voice and policy framework, and clustering of attractions, creates an effective regional touch-points. Conclusion Based on the foregoing findings, the following conclusions were obtained: 1. In terms of product, Balite Falls has an appealing aesthetic value to the tourist but basic public facilities for tourists and locals needs to be improved. De La Salle University - Dasmariñas 11 2. In terms of place, the ambiance of Balite Falls is perfect for relaxation but measures that control and monitor tour operators, tourism facilities, and tourists in the area shall be encouraged for a more satisfactory visit. 3. Pricing pattern was seen to be reasonable for income level of tourists doesn't affect the ability of tourists to participate in ecotourism, thus, the collection of entrance fee was not seen favourable for the tourists. This suggests that individual assess his/her internal and external resources/capabilities before making a decision on whether to participate or not. Although it was viewed that environmental taxes applied were fair and nondiscriminatory, tourists are still less interested in supporting local initiatives by spending money for sustainability. 4. The statement that goes thus, guidelines and information which should be encouraging more responsible behaviour among tourists which found not agreeable for the tourist. Despite of that result, it was viewed that the site deserves special measures of protection. 5. Government can intervene in the promotion of responsible behavior amongst tourist, where allocation of funds and environmental education amongst tourist can be done. 6. In terms of promotion, efforts of the government is aggressive, thus, they fail in producing eye-catching promotional materials. 7. Relatively, promotion can be done by a strong effect of perceived service quality and perceived service value by having eye-catching promotional materials can improve perceptions; together, improvements in the service quality and value could lead to enhanced repeat visitation and positive word-of-mouth. De La Salle University - Dasmariñas 12 8. Measures that control and monitor tour operators, tourism facilities, and tourists in the area shall be encouraged to promote the attraction in a broader market. 9. It was also found out that threats have a greater extent politically, there were more opportunities economically, more opportunities were found socio-culturally, same goes with technological and competitive forces which have higher opportunities than threats. 10. Proper trainings and seminars on how to apply green marketing amongst staff is necessary to provide genuine hospitality. Likewise, staffs have a significant role in conserving the intrinsic value of Balite Falls. Staff itself may impart their knowledge about proper ways in taking care of the environment for sustainability. 11. Ethically, the concept of green marketing shall be followed in formulating a strategic marketing framework for Balite Falls. It is the way to assist area of development policies by ensuring a high quality of environment in the main tourism areas, as well as developing other areas to relieve congestion. 12. Increased satisfaction can be achieved by the improvement of all aspects that gives a low rating in the survey. This will in turn result in repeated visitations and destination recommendations to others. Recommendation After the final analysis, it is therefore recommended that: 1. Balite Falls should be developed as a venue of pictorials and photo shoot - pageants for a cause or nature-inspired contests. It can also be a site for shooting of movies, teleseryes and commercials that needs its picturesque set-up. De La Salle University - Dasmariñas 13 2. Activities for relaxation such as yoga and spa services should be introduced in Balite Falls for its perfect ambiance. 3. Researchers proposed an eye-catching logo as a promotional tool which can be viewed on the marketing plan. 4. Action plan shall be immediately done to improve basic public facilities for tourists and locals to increase the satisfaction rating of participants. 5. Green pricing shall tested and done slowly - for the conflicting response that it got from the survey. 6. Price incentives for the locals of Cavite, special pricing given for groups and students, giving discount for children and senior citizens and a reasonable entrance fee for nonCavite residents shall remain constant. 7. The concept of green marketing should be applied where environmental commitment and green activity are shall be incorporated in its promotional material. 8. The provision of transportation service and public transport infrastructure such as trails for bikes and horses shall be implemented. 9. Municipality of Amadeo shall seek accreditation from government agencies such as the Department of Tourism for the promotion of the Balite Falls, in higher ends, the local government must strive more for it to be declared as an ecotourism destination. 10. To create awareness amongst the youth, Tourism Office of Amadeo must tie up with youth organizations, schools and/or universities to use Balite Falls as a venue for their school or organizational activities. Hereby, special pricing will be given for groups and students. De La Salle University - Dasmariñas 14 11. Livelihoods that will empower locals shall be promoted, where products of Amadeo shall be patronized and local community shall be involved in the employment brought by tourism. 12. Management shall also consider the flexibility of payment and respond to new advancements in paying. 13. The Government of Amadeo should be more aggressive in facilities upgrades and tourism development. Continuity but not to the extent of deteriorating the environment especially the main falls shall be observed. 14. Based from the findings, positive measures can be retained, or further be improved to achieve the highest rating. Marketing plan that will strengthen the strong points and improve the weaknesses of Balite Falls should be proposed. 15. Finally, it is highly recommend that future researchers shall focus on other aspect of Amadeo, Cavite to further assess its potential as a tourism destination. Similarly, if the time frame is enough, more relevant data can be examined. Whereas, the result of this study can be a basis for a more comprehensive study about the factors determining tourist demand.

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